The Basics You Need to Know In Order To Obtain A Georgia Real Estate License

1) Attend A Georgia Real Estate Commission Approved 75 Hour Pre-License Real Estate Class
2) Pass The Class and The Final Exam Administered by the Real Estate School
3) Register and Pass The Exam with the state (AMP)
4) Take the passing score sheet to your sponsoring broker (real estate company) and have them fill out a sponsoring broker form.
5) Get a GCIC (a.k.a. Georgia Criminal History Report) from your local police station.
6) Take the GCIC, sponsoring broker form, and passing score sheet back to the testing center

STEP 1: You may register to take your pre-license Real Estate course online or in a class room setting. Both courses are offered here at Cook and Company Academy of Real Estate. In addition, we recommend reading some or all of the materials before the class begins, and recommend rereading and studying the materials as the class progresses. By reviewing this information multiple times you will have a definite advantage over most when it comes to the state test.

Furthermore, the Georgia Real Estate Commission has mandated rules and regulations regarding attendance, makeups, testing policies, material, etc. GA Real Estate schools can differ in their policies a little as long as they remain within commission guidelines. You are required to get a “Notice to Students” outlining all of these policies so that you will be aware of how the school handles different situations. The real estate school is allowed to change the notice before classes begin, but afterwards, changes cannot be made. For example, a student asking for permission to miss extra days beyond the scope of the school guidelines cannot be changed and be in accordance with the Georgia Real Estate Commission guidelines. Are Notice To Students is posted on our website.

STEP 2: The base guidelines that all Georgia Real Estate Schools are supposed to operate around and that are of interest to you are the class must be no less than 75 hours. A proctored test must be given at the end of the class and one makeup allowed. If the makeup is not passed, the class must be repeated. Classes are to begin promptly as scheduled, with no less than a 15 minute break for each hour and a half of class taught. If the student is late, each portion of an hour late counts as an hour late, not the time that you were late.

Tests vary in number of questions depending on the real estate school. You are allowed 4 hours to take the exam, and only simple calculators are allowed. Yes, there is math. Most people don’t use the entire 4 hours and it’s often only half of that at most. Remember don’t be late for the exam either.

STEP 3: Registration for the State Exam can be handled online at the AMP Real Estate Test Registration Site once the school has submitted your passing information to the state. There aren’t many testing centers, but fortunately, there is one in Lilburn at the corner of 29 and Beaver Ruin Road.

Generally, we see a + or – 10% variance in our exam and the State. So if you are borderline 75%, I would still study for the State to ensure you aren’t wasting your $115 state testing fee.

You can take the State test as many times as you would like once you have passed the class exam. But remember, the State only allows for you to fail the class exam at the school only once before having to repeat the class.

The State of Georgia administers the Real Estate Test on a computer in small cubicles. The State Teat also has a few sample questions at the beginning to make sure you are comfortable with the process. My understanding is that the questions are selected randomly from a large test bank, so each test is different. For all those math haters, the number of math questions will vary from test to test so no answer can really be given as to how many math questions is on the exam. Practice tests can be found on AMP’s website here.

Another thing to remember is once you pass the state exam, you have 6 months to place your license on active or inactive status for the normal fee. After 6 months and up to a year the fee to get your license will double. After one year, you will have to repeat the class.

STEP 4: Now you have taken the test and you wait till AMP has graded your exam. If you fail then reschedule to take the test again. If you pass then AMP will give you a notice that you have passed with your picture on the form.
Don’t lose this form because you will need it again. Note: Step 5 & 6 can be done prior to taking the State Test and you submit all the below documents that day and receive your Real Estate License.

STEP 5: Now you will need to find a sponsoring broker. This is the broker you will “hang your license” with and will work under this brokerage firms license and direction. The sponsoring broker will provide you will a sponsoring broker form. Next you will need to obtain a Georgia Criminal History Report. You can obtain this from most Sheriff/Police offices. However, call and double check if the one nearest to you offers this service and double check on how long it takes them to prepare the report. Most offices can have prepared by the next day and they charge around ten dollars for this report. Also, remember that this report is only good for 60 days from when it is issued.

STEP 6: Now take this sponsoring broker form, the notice from AMP that you passed, and a copy of a Georgia Criminal History Report and the licensing fee back to AMP. AMP will then issue your Georgia Real Estate License to you and you will need to immediately take your license to your broker. Note: Technically, you aren’t actually licensed until your broker receives your wall certificate which they will give you at the testing center. The state licensing fee changes from time as of right now, it is $170. If you take and pass the exam in the A.M. with AMP you can come back in the afternoon to get your license, if you take and pass the exam in the P.M. you will need to come back the next day.